Boston, MA—November 7, 2013 - SorbTech, a subsidiary of Environmental Science & Technologies (EST) today unveils its patented high efficiency oil sorbent SorbaSolv at the 2013 Clean Gulf Annual in booth #320.

SorbaSolv™ is the Next Generation in Oil Spill Sorbent Technology

SorbaSolv is a patented recycled cellulose based oil absorbent that has an extremely high absorbency combined with permanent water repellency and oil retention. Effective on water and land, SorbaSolv absorbs oil, greases and other water insoluble organics and contains no toxic, carcinogenic or biologically hazardous materials.

SorbaSolv can be applied as a loose particulate by air, sprayed from a water craft, or incorporated into booms and pillows for various aquatic applications. The captured oil can then be recycled into a usable product or incinerated. SorbaSolv can also be tilled into the ground to help remediate contaminated soil. The use of SorbaSolv is not affected by adverse temperatures and doesn’t require specialized machinery or storage conditions.

"Unlike competitively similar products, SorbaSolv was molecularly engineered to be completely water repellent making it highly effective in aquatic oil spill scenarios,” said Mark Ceaser, business development manager for SorbTech. "Additionally, our U.S. patent #4780518 supports the fact that SorbaSolv is the most environmentally sound absorbent, manufactured from biodegradable, non-toxic recycled cellulose fibers—not crude oil based plastics like many of our competitors,” Ceaser added.

About SorbTech

SorbTech Mfg, Inc. headquartered in Boston, MA develops, manufactures and markets proprietary spill control products to the environmental, marine, oil & gas, medical, institutional, and industrial markets for hazardous and biohazardous waste clean-up.

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Environmental Science & Technologies, Inc. (EST), headquartered in Boston, MA, is a diversified clean tech company dedicated to the advancement of environmental and safety and security technologies. EST seeks out emerging and next generation clean tech products, technologies and companies dedicated to its core competencies.

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